Snapback | ASOS | €12.64
Slogan Tee | Persunmall | $20.99
Check Shirt | Topshop | €40
Pierced Shorts | Thunder Road | £25
Rucksack | Motel Rocks | €50
Diesel Rain Boots | Littlewoods | €58
Sunglasses | Nasty Gal | €13.12
Pizza Ring | Flash Trash | £45
Six Grill Ring | Flash Trash | £48

Similarly to last week, this is another festival look. I saw these amazing shorts on Thunder Road and needed to make an outfit collage with them. Shorts like these are perfect for summer and the rings on them make them so different to regular denim shorts. Then I was having a flick through Persunmall and saw this white slogan tee and new it would look great with these shorts and that's when the rest of the outfit came to me.

I had originally planned to pair them with a blue plaid shirt, but I spotted this faded red one on Topshop and thought it would really go with the whole laid back feel of the outfit. I'd style it by half-tucking the tee into the shorts and you can just wear the shirt open over the tee or tie it round your waist.

Next is accessories. I'm not normally a fan of caps or snapbacks. I associate snapbacks with 'swag' or 'yolo' and that whole scene or whatever it is, makes me cringe. However a plain black cap like this ASOS one is still pretty cool without giving off that Justin Bieber look. (Sorry Bieber, I know you're getting a hard time.) Plus the spikes coming out around the brim, punk it up a bit. Apologies for sounding like an old lady with all the lingo I'm using. I'd wear this cap backwards though, as I'm not too fond of wearing caps forwards.

The Lennon type round sunnies are a trend that has well and truly faded now, but I still love them. As I'm sure I've said about a hundred times now, I'm not great at keeping up with trends anyway. I already own a pair with gold frames and tea coloured lenses but these Nasty Gal pair would go a lot better with this outfit. I know it's not everyone's taste, but this Motel Rocks Home Alone bag might just be the best thing I have ever seen. I mean, who doesn't want Macaulay Culkin's face plastered all over their bag. It was easily one of my all time favourite childhood films so this bag is meant for me.

I tried to make this a proper festival look unlike last weeks collage, so I went on a search for some proper wellies. I didn't want a knee high pair just a sort of ankle boot type of thing. I found a website before with tons of really cute ankle wellington boots, but I couldn't find it so I settled for these studded Littlewoods pair. They're a bit expensive, but if you're looking to invest in a fashionable pair of wellies and you think you'll use them often then it might just be worth your money.

Last are these gorgeous Flash Trash rings. Well out of my price range and most people's I would say, but aren't they pretty? I especially love the pizza one. I hate pizza the food(don't judge me), but in jewellery form.. beautiful! The six grill ring looks more like bangles, but I'm loving rings that cover most of the finger right now. Maybe one day when I'm stinking rich I'll buy them, I can dream.

What do you think of my wishlist? What's on your wishlist this week?


  1. Damnnn I want it all, that bag is especially amazing!!


  2. Those jorts are amazing. I love them!


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