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This week I went for a miscellaneous wishlist, just bits and bobs that don't fall under the fashion and beauty category.  Most of these are decor pieces rather than anything practical, although a few of them are useful. If you are wondering why I skipped last Wednesday and didn't post a wishlist then, it is because I posted a sort of wishlist earlier that week for my Bloggers Do Spring Better challenge post. I didn't feel the need to post any on the Wednesday as that post had three outfit collages in it. Anyway, on with this week's wishlist...

First is this awesome Movie Night print from Valfré. I love all of the tees, totes and other bits from Valfré. They just scream girl power and are so fun and colourful. As an aspiring filmmaker, a film/television fanatic and a full-time couch potato this print is so me. I'd love to have it hanging in my room especially since I'm planning on re-vamping my room and finally tearing down all the embarrassing posters and hot pink walls.. yikes! Next is this lovely rustic jewellery storage block from Urban Outfitters. Most of my jewellery is either knotted up in a drawer or scattered all over my desk. I am so messy. This block is a great way of tidying up all your chains and rings without taking up any real space as it hangs on your wall. Another jewellery storage set is this ring display case. I have far too many rings and I find those ring holders shaped like cats or hands just take up more room than they save. This nifty display case can be stored in a drawer with room to spare.

To add a nice scent to the room this wild passion fruit candle from Yankee is next on the list. I love Yankee candles, but I don't have any of my own. Passion fruits are one of my favourite fruits and smells and the thoughts of that aroma wafting around my room sounds delightful. The watercolour paint tin is just a basic one as I'm not exactly artistic. I just need some watercolour paints for a few D.I.Y projects I have planned as I discovered, the hard way, that acrylics just aren't doing it. While I'm relaxing in a passion fruit scented room, dabbling in a bit of painting, I thought I might try reading The Fault in Our Stars. I have no clue what it's about and I am under the impression I will hate it as it sounds like heartbreaking romcom packed into a book, but I've been drawn by the hype so I'll give it a go.

The mannequin is something I will find very helpful. Not only will I use it for displaying clothes for selling online and for dressing up on those days when I don't feel like plastering my baby face on the blog, I can use it for making new clothes. I have a few clothes ideas so a mannequin will just simplify the entire process for me. This speaker is really sweet and dainty and it'll be nice to have during the summer when I feel like listening to some tunes.

What's on your wishlist this week? 

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  1. That radio though! It's so cute! :)

    Aisling http://www.covetedmess.com/


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