I'm slightly obsessing over Motel's co-ords and fruity clothes right now. The moment I get some money I'm splurging on something from Motel Rocks, because I think I include them in every wishlist. I love these space lemon leggings, they look pretty thick so I think I'd wear them like trousers. The look I'm going for this week is sort of 90s glamour. Throw on this Topshop shirt over the leggings, maybe a crop top underneath and the shirt opened? I'm not sure how I'd wear it exactly. I wouldn't wear it buttoned up all the way though like in the picture.

These eBay earrings are incredible, I bid on them and I was in the lead for ages at only 10p, but unfortunately somebody outbid me and won while I was asleep. So now I have to buy them at the incredibly expensive price of 99p. Gotta love eBay, a world where a paying over €10 is a rip off! I think I might buy the Kukee ring too as it's only 61c. How can I pass that up? The only thing that puts me off it is the inevitable postage and packaging costs. Whereas with the eBay earrings, it's free postage and packaging, although the catch is that you have to wait around a month for delivery as it's being delivered from China. The outfit is finished off with these cayoot furry black handbag, also from eBay and these combat style black boots from Miracle Eye.

P.S. Miracle Eye are holding a giveaway over on their Instagram. Click here to go to it.

What's your favourite item from my wishlist? What's on your wishlist this week?

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  1. Fabulous picks :) I thought the leggings were pineapples at first, love the lemons though. I think the shirt with a crop top would work and I think the earrings are well quirky :)
    Love Kate xx


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