Notepads(1/2) - Urban Outfitters
Travel Mug - Shop Jeen
Hello Kitty Pen - Topshop
Back Pack - Valfre
Cat Woman USB - Viking Direct
Shark Earbuds - ModCloth
Tartan Scarf - River Island

Okay, so not all of these are essential, but they're things most people use and are pretty handy. This was going to be a wishlist initially, but since I already have most things I need for college and I couldn't afford most of this stuff on a student budget anyway, I decided to make a small guide for any freshers out there. I've done the college thing before so I think I have some good tips for others.

First up are the basics like your backpack. Do not be that person who decides to try being really casual and use a tote or a handbag to carry your stuff. The first few weeks this will seem like a great idea, but when it comes to exam time and you're carrying a bunch of heavy library books in a tiny tote... you'll regret it. If you get a good backpack it will last you the few years you're there so it's a good investment. This Valfre backpack is approx. €87, so a bit out of the price range for most students, but Penneys do some great floral or denim ones for less than €20. A wallet is needed too, not just for the obvious reasons of holding your money but you'll need a wallet with plenty of compartments to hold your Student Card and any membership cards from clubs and societies.

You'll of course need some pens and pads to take notes in class(unless you own a laptop). These pads are pretty awesome and are 2 for $12 in Urban Outfitters, however you can get some cool notepads in most shops anyway. Go to a euro shop/discount store to buy notepads/pens. Even places like Aldi or Tesco are surprisingly pricey. With the prices in those supermarkets, you may as well as be buying the cool Urban Outfitters ones.

Another thing you'll definitely need for college is a USB stick. Most of your work will be done on the computer at home, in the library or in a computer lab class. Saving your work to a USB stick is a great backup for your work, but also some lecturers may request your work be submitted to them in a stick rather than through email or some online learning centre. Plus you'll probably have to do a presentation at some point and you'll definitely need a USB stick then. Cheap USB sticks can be bought in most stationery shops, but this awesome 8GB Cat Woman one is €9.49 from Viking Direct.

Unless you're living on campus, you may have quite a walk or have to take public transport to your college. The morning can be quite cold(captain obvious!), especially during Autumn and Winter so a scarf, gloves and hat will be needed. Like with the pens and pads, these woolen accessories are available in most high street shops at a reasonable price. Next up, if you live somewhere like Ireland you will most definitely need an umbrella. Waiting at a bus stop in the pouring rain is not fun. Unlike everything else in the guide, I think being a cheapskate with an umbrella is a bad idea. When it gets windy they break so easily, so it could be worth it to fork out a bit. 

As somebody who doesn't drink hot drinks a travel mug would never be of interest to me, however for any coffee lovers a travel mug is a great idea - especially if you spend time stuck on public transport. It's much cheaper than buying tiny, expensive cups of coffee from cafes around campus or your city. Finally as with the travel mug, spending time travelling to and from college can be tedious so don't forget to get yourself a quality pair of earphones so you can listen to some music.

My final tip would be to have a quick Google of the uni or college you're going to or check out their website to see what they expect you to buy for your course. Especially if you're going to a big college with a campus, it's easy to get caught up in all the fun shit going on around you and lose track of all the different books and other things your lecturers have asked you to buy. So if you can get a few things out of the way before you're started you'll be able to enjoy the college experience more and party without dealing with the stress when it all piles up on you.

How are you preparing for college or uni? Do you have any tips?

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  1. I love your stylish pickings! Espeically the bag and notebook.
    You have a great blog and a new follower! :)


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