I have not posted on my blog in an uncomfortably long time, I feel I've sort of forgotten how to do this. Last time I posted was 2014 and even at that point I wasn't posting very regularly. Apologies to anyone who read my blog and enjoyed the content, I'm going to be posting more this summer. My camera is back working and I have a few companies who I'll be working with on some posts and some other ideas too. The blog is going to be more of a mixed content this summer, I'm almost finished my first year studying Film at college so I'll have plenty of spare time without assignments to worry about.

One of my assignments for college this year was a photobook which could consist of photos of anything we wanted, the concept was entirely our own. My photobook is composed of photos of women's hands accompanied with a handwritten note of the toughest experience they have faced. Something bloggers are all too familiar with is learning our best angles, poses etc. to make our faces look a certain way or say a certain thing, so the idea of photographing hands was based on the notion that hands portray more honesty than our faces. Hands were a great way to provide anonymity for the women who allowed me to photograph them.

I had an exhibition last week where myself and my classmates all got to show off a single photo from our book framed and our books too. It was a great chance to see what other work they had been doing too and see the different concepts people thought up. My favourite was probably a guy who took cardboard cut-outs of Sinead O'Connor and Bono on adventures and photographed them in different locations, it was hilarious.

The link to my photobook is here, which you can read completely for free online.

The photo I used for my exhibition

 Does anyone else take photography or make films? Feel free to post a comment below with a link to your work or tweet me @mgnmgr

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