Just a quick beauty post about my two new favourite lip products, the NYX Liquid Suedes in Sandstorm and Soft-Spoken. Sandstorm is a gorgeous pinky-brown that has the classic nude look, whereas Soft-Spoken appears to be quite a deep, rich and dark pink and then dries slightly more nude.

NYX lip products are praised all round the blogosphere and most makeup fanatics have heard all about them, however if you haven't then here's a quick run-down. They are liquid lipsticks, so they have a long doe foot applicator and apply wet and then dry within a few seconds. They're really easy to apply and I rarely line my lips with them as they apply quite neatly too.

They're really long-lasting too and when they do wear off, they wear off quite evenly too. The only negative thing is when applying them they get all over your teeth I find, they are so messy until they dry but once they do they're perfect.

What are your favourite nude products? Have you tried NYX products?

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  1. I've just got my hands on a few liquid suede's after falling in love with the nyx matte lip creams! I really like how soft-spoken is on the lips! x

    Kate @ Beautiboe


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